NEXIS Objective 1:

Smart City & Regions Planning & Management: Planning #IT-TakesPlanners, ReConomics, Management Frameworks from Corporate Business and Industrial sectors.


1. VISIONARY Planning
2. EFFECTIVE Development
3. EFFICIENT Management

NEXS Objectives 2:

SMART Mobility-As-A-Service Solutions (MaaS) #AI/ML, Mobility Foundation Models (#MFM) LLMs for Sustainable Transportation..

Urban Data Governance & Analytics

Data Governance, Operations, Management with AI/ML, Relationships & Lineage for Urban Development [ Read More ]

NEXIS: NextGen Integrated Systems
We PLAN for AGILE City Future, with You...
DigitalTwin & CityVerse Solutions for All Business Verticals

  • Urban Design with Real-time IoT Sensors and Smart Buildings
  • Digital Twin Solutions for Development Planning & Business Operations
  • Planning and Development of Cities with Stakeholders
  • Customer friendly Digital Last-Mile Mobility Systems
  • Digital Transformation of City Processes and Outcomes
  • Connected Smart City Operations and Management Solutions
  • Life-Cycle based Gross Development Value (GDV) for Cities & Regions

Integrated Solutions for every Habitat Space:  A professional services and solutions group with focus on Development Industry. Our Services and Solutions are use the best-in-class technologies, systems and frameworks for Digital Twin Transformation and growth of your Cities, Regions and Nations.

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The NEXIS market verticals and management framework is based on the matrix. The framework supports the management processes for diverse Habitat Development industry verticals with measurable processes and outcomes.

The Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability provide the Management framework to organize, operate and manage the development industry practices and market verticals. The Market Vertical groups provides the mature outlook of solutions, practices and focus for NEXIS Team to operate and work with the stakeholders.   
Market Exposure by Regions:
# Asia: Singapore, India
# MENA: Qatar, Tunisia
# Americas: USA
# Europe: UK, Italy, Spain

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NextGen Integrated Solutions
Development Industry Focus
Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Management
and Solutions and Services. 

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Planning and Development Services
for Urban and Regional Development & Growth

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2. Architecture:
Architectural Design Services and Support
Urban & Rural Designs with Value for all

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3. Engineering
Civil Engineering Services & Support.

NEXIS: Connected DT & CityVerse Lounge System

NEXIS CityVerse
Metaverse Systems & Services for Development Industry

Integrated MetaVerse Solutions for Urban & Regional Development Industries.

Immersive experience with Connected Digital Twin Metaverse Systems for Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture, Design. We provide CityVerse Solutions and Services for the Development Industry. CityVerse Solutions that allow global market to participate and engage for the development journey in your cities & regions.

NEXIS: Services & Solutions

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Integrated System Architecture, Master Plans

Provide SmartCity Master-Plans, Solutions and Services to the Public and Private Sector. We focus on Solutions System Architectures, Advisory, Policies and Program Management Services.

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Integrated Engineering Ecosystem

We provide Engineering and Project Management  related Solutions and Services. The NEXIS Services support the AEC ecosystem that support healthy industry sector and stakeholders.

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Data-driven Sustainable Business

We provide BPM, Governance, research and services for your Business Ecosystems. NEXIS Management Services focus on Regional, Urban and Rural Development sectors.

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Intelligent & Integrated AgriFood

The NEXIS Architecture practices and services focus on Sustainable Architecture for better living environment and quality of Life. The Built Environment sector Architecture Services serves its all stakeholders in the AEC ecosystem.

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Digital TWIN, MetaVerse/CityVerse, EO Analytics, Data Space, Data Governance Services

Pls. contact us for more details.

NEXIS: Professional Practices and Markets

Sustainable, Resilient and Livable Urban and Regional Development and Growth

NEXIS: Integrated Solutions for better Development & Quality of Living
Nation Building...
Plan, Reform, Perform, Transform, Operate & Manage !

The topic of Nation Building has been a driver for all sectors of growth and development among the Civilizations and Cities across the world. The challenges has been to define in physical, economic and quality of living terms for the common citizens.

Professional Planning, Development, Operations and Management of Cities & Regions is a life-cycle approach to Sustainable Urbanization.

The Nation Building needs clear narratives backed by science, meaningful data and predictive analytics to prove the path and journey towards the National, Regional, Urban or Rural Development Foals. The growth of cities closer to water bodies evolve differently also needs continuous data and design considerations for sustainable operations, business and growth trends. 

1. VISIONARY Planning

Visionary PLANS that capture the aspirations and potentials of Cities/Regions that can be achieved with reasonable operations and management to attain sustainable future for its stakeholders.

2. EFFECTIVE Development

The technologies and innovations will drive business and organizational verticals to reach respective niche and optimal functions. The orderly development and functioning for stakeholders needs a measurable, accountable and purposeful outcomes. Effective use of Methods and Technologies to improve outcome quantity and quality.

3. EFFICIENT Management

The stakeholders of all nations seek efficient service and infrastructure environment. The multi-user and multi-stakeholder cities/regions need regulatory and process frameworks for efficient functional operations and management.


With limited natural resources, demography, productivity, social and cultural resources all nations need Sustainable development and growth frameworks and trajectory.
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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

NEXS Support UN-HABITAT Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
We Urban & regional development professionals, supports the SDG 10 Principles and the 17 Goals to steer the Sustainable development and growth of Habitat, for All. The Life-Style and Business-Style can be transformed with CSR, ESG corporate sustainability management protocols and procedures which benefit the individuals and businesses.

To Create a Connected, Intelligent Digital Twin and Solutions for Urban & Regional Development Ecosystem that supports regional People, Prosperity and Planet with optimization and sustainability objectives for prosperity for the current and future generations.

1#Create Resilient and Sustainable Regional Environment that can provide sufficient environments for the Current & Future Generations to develop and prosper.

Regional Ecosystem requires sufficient operational autonomy and support systems for local development, growth and enrich life-styles with better infrastructure and Quality of Life features. With supportive Ecosystems, the production and resources can attain improved niche value-chains, that benefit the markets and customers regionally and globally.

Geospatial, BIM/CIM, Metaverse/CityVerse, Digital Twin and Data Space Platforms and Integration Services for Stakeholders
1. Gather sector specific data on activities, performance and functions
2. Data Analysis, GenAI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning functions supports
3. Data, Security, Process Use and Usage Metrics and dashboards
4. Support Analytic Report on their KPIs for operations and management

1. Data Space Technologies - Design, Architecture, Configuration, Certifications, Implementation, Operations & Agile Project Management
2. Modelling and Data Automation - use of ETL/ELT and other data Automation process supports
3. Data Lineage Modelling and Analytics - Data Ecosystem Metadata integration and automation
4. 360 degree Data Governance - Data Governance Frameworks and Solutions for operations management KPIs
5. Space and Earth Observation (Visible/IR/LiDAR) - Sourcing, Automation, Integrations and Image/Data Analytics.
6. Earth Observation, Geospatial, CIM/BIM/CAD, UAV, Scan2Design Software & Solutions
7. Asset and Facility Management & Operation Solutions & Services
8. Cloud Server based DevOps - Use of Enterprise, Hybrid or Commercial Cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure)

1. Advocacy for Regional Industries, Business, Institutions and communities
2. Support systems and Solutions for Urban & Regional Development Industry stakeholders
3. Advocacy, policies, systems and Solutions for Infrastructure, Civic Services
4. Advocacy for Sustainable Water, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Weather and Ecosystems
5. Operational Effectiveness with Data Integration, EHS/ESG/Sustainability Audits & Accountability

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Solutions, Resources and Training for your Development
Solutions and Systems Training for Integrated Development

Detailed Systems and Solutions are fundamental resource of all organizations in the Knowledge Economies without SILOS.
Enterprises with skilled resources on Processes, Procedures, Solutions and systems for City and Regional Management is important for successful growth and development in any cities or region.  

Training, Resources and Solutions for Development Industry
Solutions and Systems Training for your Cities

Sustainable Management of Process, Resources, Results, Operations and Systems requires skilled resources and support systems. In the growing WFH and virtualized civic and business operations, the need for systematic processes and management techniques with best practices are required to stay ahead of the competition and market trends. We provide focused training services on Digital Transformation, Data-driven Management, eGovernance, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Management Models for our client projects to optimize the Site preparations to Release.

The are are silos of data exists in AEC industry for Project related budget, design, resources, materials, billing, inspections, certification, maintenance, operations, user management etc. The value and life of Projects is very important for all stakeholders on Sustainable HABITAT.

Program/Project Management


Procurement Coordination

Conceive, Design, Develop and Coordinate Projects for Key Development areas 

Project Consortium Development

Collaborate and Support Large project models for Key Development sector projects

Technical Design & Specification

Project and System Architecture, Design and Project Planning.

Program/Project Management

Project resource, time, budget planning and coordination for the project teams.

Innovation, Research & Development

Provide best practices, project research, development and Innovations

Project Deployment

Industry leadership on systems, platforms, integrations and deployment models -  OnPrem/Cloud/Hybrid

Training & Education

On the Project/Program Multi-stakeholder Training and Education programs for project sites/regions

The NEXIS TEAM is a group of Professionals with proven International expertise.
The Group is driven and committed to lead the Development Industry Professionals across the globe.
We recommend frequent Planned Changes for Sustainable, Smart, Livable Cities & Regions.

Global Exposure & Experience :
Professional and Business Environment Experience with Diverse Countries - Singapore, India, United States of America,  Malaysia, United Kingdom, Qatar, Tunisia, Germany.


INDIA Office:
Barathi Arcades,
Trivandrum, Kerala, India 695011

UK Office:
71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9JQ UK

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